Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Twin Pregnancy: Month 9

f~Week 33~

Well I started off the week have 4-5 contractions/hr.  I called the Dr and they advised me to rest.  The next day the contractions picked up and were a bit more frequent and intense (not painful...just very noticeable.)  Contractions scare me, and it really sends my mind back to labor with Braxton.  I called the Dr's office and he was out of town.  The on-call Dr said she would feel better if I went into the hospital for some monitoring.  I was contracting every 5-8 minutes.  They checked me, and I was 60% effaced and about 1 cm dialated.  I got a shot of Terb that got the contractions stopped.  The contractions resumed about 8 hours later, but they have not been as consistent.  My weekly appointment on Tuesday went well.  We had another US, and the babies are looking great.  US predicted that each baby weighs 4lbs 2oz.  They are both measuring right on target.  Dr. checked me,  and I am still dialated the same.  He said he wants to see me get to 35 weeks, and then we will talk about delivering (I will be holding him to that!)  I have gained 37lbs (watching me get off the couch is a sight!)  Glad that both babies are doing well.

~Week 34~

This week started with a terrible cold.  I spent the entire week inside on the couch!  The mystery pain was back in full force all week as well.  Sunday and Monday were really great feeling days (despite the nasal congestion.)  We had our Dr's appointment this week and everything was really good.  I lost 1/2lb, good blood pressure, and no swelling!!  Brock and Lynee both had strong heartbeats.  The appointment went so well that our hopes of meeting them next week may be out of sight.  I don't think we can convince Dr to deliver quite yet.  The fears and memories of Braxton's birth have started to creep in, and I have been praying against them.  We got a lot done this week in preparation for the babies (I should say Jesse got a lot done!!!)  I feel so guilty watching him work, but I was unable to do anything this week...  Here is part of the "to-do" list...I marked out what he did this week!!!

~Shampoo our bedroom carpets.
~Move furniture out of Cayden's new room into our room.
~Clean living room carpets.
~Clean couch
~Get out newborn boy clothes that were Cayden's..
~Get Cayden's new room cleaned out.
~Hang border in newly remodeled bathroom.
~Weed-eat and clean Braxton's Place.
~Last minute shopping for a few girl things.

My mom and I went shopping for pj's for me and new baby books for the twins.  I was so thankful that we found just what we needed in one store....I was nervous about having to walk the mall!  Mom has helped me A LOT in the past few weeks with cleaning, watching Cayden, and preparing for the babies.  As this week comes to a close, I feel pretty good. However, if you would have talked to me early in the week...well, that is a different story!!  Week 35 here we come!

~Week 35~

Well we started the week with an unexpected trip to the Dr.  I was having some blood pressure issues.  I think my blood pressure monitor at home may be a bit off...bc my BP wasn't as high when I got to the office.  Dr sent me to hospital anyway to have a non-stress test and BP monitoring.  They sent me home to be on bedrest until my next appointment on Tuesday.  I am having a difficult time not "looking into" any little thing that seems different from my end of pregnancy feelings with the boys.  I feel much different....very uncomfortable and sore.  I feel like someone has broken every finger and toe on my body!  I dont' remember being sore with the boys.  It is official...I can't reach my own toes, can't bend over, etc.  Had our official 35 week ultrasound, and I have gained 5lbs in 4 days!!  My feet are super swollen and the pain in my side is pretty much there all the time.  I asked Dr today if we could deliver next week, but no real we shall see.  Moving on to Week 36!
~ Extremely swollen feet!~

~ Week 36~  (Note:  When I start writing about the is the beginning of that particular week 36 journal is started at 35 weeks 1 day.)

Today I woke up in lots of pain (abdominal and back) and very uncomfortable swollen legs and feet.  I had my husband call the Dr's office and they told him to bring me to the labor and delivery at the hospital.  They got me attached to monitors to see how the babies were doing.  Immediately I noticed that their heartrates were falling between 180 and 210.  They have ALWAYS been between 120 and 150.  The nurse called the Dr to report what was going on.  Lab came in and took bloodwork and the nurse started IV.  We still hadn't heard from Dr about what is plan was, but it was looking like a delivery was in my future.  The pregnancy journey will end here at 35 weeks and 1 day.  


Hillary said...

I'm praying so hard for you and the twins! I hope that you have a safe and happy delivery and I can't wait to see some baby pictures!

Lots of Love! xoxox

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