Wednesday, July 22, 2009

" I don't see anything wrong with this child!"

These were the words that Jesse and I heard yesterday. We no longer have to return to the Maternal Fetal Specialist. We have been set free. Cayden is healthy "as a lark." All abnormal findings have completely vanished. Here is a short 3-D video clip. It is not the best, but you can definitely see that he has mommy's "pug" nose and round face! I know someone else that had those features as well ~tear.~

We will continue US's every 3 weeks to monitor Cayden's growth. He was measuring in the 36th percentile, and now he is in the 29th. No worries...just means I get to see this miracle develop at every stage!!! (This was an early prayer that we had...we wanted to see the baby as much as possible!)

Jesse and I send our heartfelt thanks to all that have followed our journey and prayed with us along the way. The anxieties of the the big day are mounting, but we know the Lord will see us through.

I will leave you with a BELLY SHOT at 27 weeks!!

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