Tuesday, March 30, 2010

~6 Months~

I am officially a half a year old!  I have started a lot of new things within the last few weeks.  Mommy and daddy can hardly keep up with me.  Let's get started.

~ I weigh 12#8.5oz , and I am 24".

~ I started size 2 diapers about a week ago, but size 1 still fits too.  (Note that the diaper takes up half my little body, however, I like to pee out of them all the time...so bigger is better!)

~ I am still wearing 0-3 month clothes.  Although, I can wear Old Navy 3-6!! 

~ I just started really rubbing my eyes when I am tired.

~ I like to rub others' faces when they hold me (especially when I am tired.)

~ I have a new interest in my animals. Princess and Nala LOVE to give me kisses, and I think it is hilarious!

~ I went on my first vacation to FLORIDA!!

~ I love playing peek-a-boo.

~ I finally found my FEET.  Mommy has been showing them to me for months, but I wasn't listening.  I have discovered that they taste really good too!

~ I have been attempting solids again for the third time!  I have had rice, oatmeal, pears, homemade applesauce, homemade squash, homemade avacado, and prunes.  I am currently having to take stool softners twice a day, and I could use some prayers that I wouldn't need them for very long. 

~ I visited my brother on more than one occasion this month.  We decorated for Easter on this particular trip. 

~This might just be one of mommy's favorite pics of me....I am definetly at my handsome-est in this photo...HELLO LADIES!

~ And finally,  this is as far as I got on rolling over...mommy and daddy were really hoping for the full roll, but I can't quite figure out what to do with my arm. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

~5 months~

 It is hard to believe that I am 5 months old already!!

~I am still wearing o-3, 3 month clothing, size 1 diapers.

~I typically eat every 3 hours. I started solids early in the month, but my digestive system didn't care for them, so mommy stopped them for a while.

~I prefer to not have a set nap schedule....so I will sleep when I want to!

~I sleep from 9-4 or 5 then eat, sleep 4-7 then eat, sleep 7-8:30

~Mommy and daddy got out my jumperoo...but unfortuntely I am way to short! The toys are fun to play with though.

~I went to the boat, sport, and travel show this month.....and lets just say the ladies LOVED my John Deere boots!

~I just recently started cuddling my blanket...and mommy thinks this is super cute!

~Mommy and me went to work with daddy and a few days this week. I prefered to sleep most of the ride though!

~We celebrated my big brother's 2nd heavenly birthday.

~I love to babble, smile (if you haven't noticed,) and laugh!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

~Guess where I am~

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