Wednesday, June 30, 2010

toys are o.v.e.r.r.a.t.e.d

p.s   Naps are too!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~9 Months~

Well, it is official, I have been out longer than I was in!!  I am having a blast these days exploring my surroundings.  I have been keeping my mommy moving! 

                                  ~ I started crawling, and I am in to everything!

~ I went camping and boating on two occasions this past month.  I am slowing adjusting to my lifejacket and the lake water!

~ I am wearing mostly 3-6 months, but I can still fit into a lot of my 3 month stuff too.  I may be little, but I am mighty!

~ I am still wearing a size 2 diaper.  I think mommy is thinking about doing a 3 at night, bc I keep pottying out of the 2.

~ I went swimming in g-ma and g-pa's pool for the first time...and LOVED it!

~ I am still eating 3 meals a day...I am not a huge fan of veggies, but mommy makes me eat them first.  I love PEACHES!

~ I am still getting milk 5 times a day....Mommy has thought about cutting it down to 4, but I am not happy about that. 

~ I make lots of noises, but no words yet.  On a rare occasion you might hear dadda or mamma. 

~ This is mom's view...yes, I like lots of toys..EVERYWHERE.

~ I am trying really hard to wave, but it is hit and miss. 

~ I am a really happy baby unless I am tired or hungry.

~ Overall, this month as been pretty laid back.  Loving Life!!!

~ I just LOVE my mommy and daddy. 

~ I have started pulling myself up and standing...I never knew it was so much fun!

~ I love swimming in my pool.  I was "quacking" everybody up with the duck in my mouth.

~ Swinging is one of my fav things to do. 

~ I like being outide.  It can change my fussy mood into a cheery one.

~ I also love my brother...look at my reflection in the stone...I was smiling at my bubby!

~In case you didn't know, dog food makes a yummy snack!!!

~I am growing ornerier everyday.  Mommy and Daddy are in for a GOOD time.

Cayden Matthew,

 Mommy can't even begin to describe the joy you bring to our lives.  We love you so much.  We never imagined how our hearts would melt with even the smallest of your smiles.  Mommy falls more and more in love every morning when you greet her by peering over the crib rails with a big grin.  We love how you crawl away, only to stop and turn back to smile at us, before crawling away again.  The way you look at your brother's picture on his stone is enough to break our hearts.  It is precious to watch you and daddy play, a complete dream come true. Mommy doesn't know what she would do if she couldn't stay home and play all day with you.  We are truly blessed that daddy loves us so!  We hope you are loving us as much as we love you!!! God has truly blessed us.  p.s. Do you think that maybe we could freeze this time forever??

Love, Mommy

Monday, June 21, 2010


                Braxton Lee                                                           Cayden Matthew

                                      Mommy                                             Cayden Matthew

Friday, June 4, 2010

fantastic friday

Thursday, June 3, 2010

~8 months~

I almost can't believe I am 8 months old already.  We were camping and BOATING over my 8 month birthday, so that is why this is a few days late.  Here are my updates.  (I know you all just love reading them!)

~ I weigh around 15lbs.  I was 14.2 on Mother's Day!

~ I officially learned to sit up on my own the day before Mother's Day!!  I had a friend to play with that encouraged me!  Thanks Hunter.

~ Summer has begun at our house.  I have spent ALOT of time outside. 
~ I also discovered that I have a tongue!

~ I met my horses for the first time.  They love to breath on me...

~ I sleep from 9-5 5-8 on a pretty consistent basis.

~ I eat 3 solid meals a day and 5 servings of the best milk!!!  This is me in my new highchair!

~ I love to be on the move.  I can't sit still. 

~ I can't quite "crawl" yet, but I can get where I need to go.  I like to get on all fours and "rock"!

~ I have visited my big brother several times this month as well.  He has some really cool toys that I like playing with!

~ I got my first two teeth at the same time! I didn't get fussy at all!

~ I really enjoy time with mommy and daddy!  I was NOT a fan of this pushed on my cheeks.

~ I am wearing 3-6, 6 month clothing!!!  YIPPEE!
~ Still sporting the size 2 diaper. 

~   I really like to be on the move, and I don't like when mommy is out of my sight. 
I am happy all of the time...unless I am hungry or tired!  I think I have pretty much covered it all. 
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