Wednesday, May 23, 2012

*a small dose of comic relief*

Many would probably be going insane at this point, but I am taking it in stride and considering it all joy.  There is never a dull moment in our lives, especially with 3 under the age of 3!!!  (It sounded so much crazier when I could say 3 under the age of 2!!)  I try to find something to laugh about in every situation, and I really found myself laughing this morning while most would have been screaming and crying! 

So about two days ago, Brock and Lynlee started taking turns being really fussy.  Like "hold me while I kick, scream, flail all over the place for more than 15 minutes."  I was beginning to wonder if colic was haunting us again.  Little sleep and cranky! 

Around that time, Cayden started to have a really runny nose....I assumed just allergy or common cold. 

Monday night ended with me needing a nerve pill to finally relax.  Tuesday night finally ended at midnight when Cayden crashed.  Last night, I thought for just a single moment I was in Heaven....on our way home from supper out (because lately the mess that supper creates at our house...leaves me ready to cry), all three children fell asleep.  We were able to successfully put them all to bed by 8:00!!!  I quickly jumped into my pj's, grabbed the remote, and headed to bed.

 It was short lived my friends.  Lynlee started crying....which lasted for 45 minutes.  As soon as I got her comfortable and back to bed, I slowly crept back to our room.  It wasn't 10 minutes and Cayden started coughing really really bad.  I went down and got him some cough syrup, woke him to take it, and he went back to sleep.

Peace....oh nevermind...he started coughing again.  15 minutes later he was standing by my bed crying that his chest hurt, and saying "me no feel good mommy, snuggle."  The thought of sharing my bed with only my husband for the night quickly vanished. 

About that time, my wonderful hubby who was oblivious to all of the commotion (he was soaking up alone time in the garage) and thought his beautiful bride would be "waiting" for him came upstairs...excited as well to share the bed with only his wife...but to his surprise, he found a mommy snuggling her another little man...sorry daddy! 

Cayden continued to cough and cough and cough.  We got him a cough drop and something to drink, and he was snoring away 20 minutes later.  Jesse took him back to his bed, and we thought our night was over. 

I didn't fall asleep until 1145, to be awakened at 1:00 by the smell of vomit and pitiful looking child standing at my bedside "momma, pook" (aka puke). 

I was to tired to even think about cleaning bedsheets, so we put him in our bed and thought once again our night was over. 

1:15....Lynlee is crying again.  Jesse took her down to rock.   I managed to fall asleep between the constant coughing in my ear.  2:00 Jesse returns to bed with Lynlee who is WIDE AWAKE. 

I suggested just laying her in her bed, and letting her put herself to sleep...which she hour later!! 

You are probably thinking, "oh my goodness, how does she do it?" or if you are walking the ugly road of infertility you are thinking "what I wouldn't give for a night like that!"  I consider this all joy and laughing material, because I was remember those thoughts, and I wouldn't give this life up for anything!

My blogging friends, it gets better or worse (depending on how you are looking at the situation!) 

I was awakened at 630 to two screaming babies ready to start their day.  They were covered in GREEN snot!!  Cayden had also woken himself up from coughing so hard. 

I snuggled them all on the couch waiting for the Dr's office to open at 8:00.  I aspirated lots of nasty green snot from all three children. Listened as Cayden was wheezing while breathing. Asking"why them again?" 

The DR's office was able to get all three in at 10:15.  I quickly got the babies breakfast, to which they made a complete mess with.  I knew they all NEEDED baths, because I put them to bed last night really dirty (but hey, I was just so elated that they were all asleep by 8...or so I thought!) 

So, at 9:00 we headed upstairs for quick baths...or so I thought!! 

I am a super talented super mom (comic relief, folks), so I am able to bathe all three at once.  I got Lynlee out, dried off, and sent her on her merry naked way.  I then proceeded to dry Brock off and sent him on his way.  I no more than hung the towel up and looked into hallway to find......

Poop....yes, lots of poop.  Poop on the closet doors, poop on the floor, poop all over Lynlee like lotion, poop in dog's mouth, poop in Lynlee's hands headed for her mouth.  Friends, if I didn't have a two year old still in the tub....I totally would have taken a picture!!

I quickly turned to Cayden and told him he had better hightail it out of the tub, or he was going to take a bath in Lynlee's poo.  I don't think I have seen him move so quickly.  He laughed... I laughed!

I managed to get them dressed, all while praying they wouldn't crawl off to the pooped smeared hallway.  I loaded them up and left my house smelling like last night's vomit and this morning's poop!!

I usually take someone with me to help at the DR's office, but not today....super mom wanted to tackle this alone!! 

I will save you some time and just say the Dr was really in awe at my crazy life.  She tripped over tractors, had bubbles spilled all over her exam room floor, watched as Cayden drank bubbles, giggled as not one of my children was cooperative while being examined.  I didn't has much flinch....because this is everyday LIFE for me.  A LIFE that I dreamed of, a LIFE that I wanted. 

Oh, you are probably wondering what was wrong with them.  Oh yes, the real reason for the extreme chaos the last few days.  Well, you have probably guessed it.  Brock and Lynlee have ear infections AGAIN, and  Cayden has croup/RSV AGAIN!!

We grabbed prescriptions and headed home.  I thought about just continuing to drive on by our house....because remember the smell of vomit and poop was going to be there to invite us in. 

All three were asleep, so I took them to their beds, which is upstairs, where I needed to clean....but I can't wake sleeping blogging about the craziness seemed like a better idea than cleaning. 

I am laughing as I am looking around at the mess surrounding me, and thanking God for the blessings of this life.  Yes, I consider these trials blessings. 

Do you take trials such as these and allow them to rule your life and mood?  Never take a minute of this life for granted...even if it occasionally smells like dried vomit and poop! 

 "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,    because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.    Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:2-4

****Please note:  We are not dirty people, my house is actually pretty clean.  I am distraught that my children keep getting sick, but I have to find comic relief in the situation, or else I would really go insane.  Lynlee is getting tubes tomorrow!!!  Brock will see ENT next week and surgery will be scheduled for him as well.  If you wouldn't mind adding my children to your prayers...we would really appreciate it!! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

~11 Months~

I have noticed that I've consistently been about a week behind posting the monthly updates....I guess time is going to keep on ticking...sigh.

I honestly don't know how the last month got away from us. It flew by.  The babes aren't really babes anymore.  They are both getting so big in so many aspects of life. 

~Brock Adam~
~Around 17 1/2 lbs.
~Still such a gentle spirit with a contagious laugh. 

~Underwent his first surgery....appears to have been a success! 
~Has been illness FREE for about 2 weeks!
~Is a master of climbing the stairs, and throws an absolute fit when gated off of them!
~Has two teeth.

~Wears a variety of sizes.  6, 9, and some 12 month. 
~Size 3 diaper (I realize they have been in this size is because we got a great deal on size 3's, so we pretty much skipped 2's!)
~On all table food.  Not a huge fan at first, but we are slowly acclamating.
~Sleeps 8-7 most days, takes 2 naps.
~Says bath, mama, dada. 
~Loves to play "SO BIG."

~Lynlee Grace~

~Around 18 1/2 lbs
~Full of spunk!
~Had a few seizure like episodes this month....chalking it up to bad ear infection.
~Walks like a pro behind everything.
~Has 5 teeth...and more are sprouting.

~Wears variety of sizes...mostly 9 months.
~Size 3 diaper.
~LOVES to eat....just about anything.
~Sleeps 8-7 most days, takes 2 naps.

~Says bath, love, mama, dada, papaw.
~Started waving hi and bye-bye, claps, Started patty-cake.
~Loves to play "SO BIG."

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