Friday, May 11, 2012

~11 Months~

I have noticed that I've consistently been about a week behind posting the monthly updates....I guess time is going to keep on ticking...sigh.

I honestly don't know how the last month got away from us. It flew by.  The babes aren't really babes anymore.  They are both getting so big in so many aspects of life. 

~Brock Adam~
~Around 17 1/2 lbs.
~Still such a gentle spirit with a contagious laugh. 

~Underwent his first surgery....appears to have been a success! 
~Has been illness FREE for about 2 weeks!
~Is a master of climbing the stairs, and throws an absolute fit when gated off of them!
~Has two teeth.

~Wears a variety of sizes.  6, 9, and some 12 month. 
~Size 3 diaper (I realize they have been in this size is because we got a great deal on size 3's, so we pretty much skipped 2's!)
~On all table food.  Not a huge fan at first, but we are slowly acclamating.
~Sleeps 8-7 most days, takes 2 naps.
~Says bath, mama, dada. 
~Loves to play "SO BIG."

~Lynlee Grace~

~Around 18 1/2 lbs
~Full of spunk!
~Had a few seizure like episodes this month....chalking it up to bad ear infection.
~Walks like a pro behind everything.
~Has 5 teeth...and more are sprouting.

~Wears variety of sizes...mostly 9 months.
~Size 3 diaper.
~LOVES to eat....just about anything.
~Sleeps 8-7 most days, takes 2 naps.

~Says bath, love, mama, dada, papaw.
~Started waving hi and bye-bye, claps, Started patty-cake.
~Loves to play "SO BIG."


CAS said...

Ahh - they are so darn adorable- great job on their pics! They are getting so big!

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