Friday, April 30, 2010

~7 months~

Can you believe it has been 7 months already?  I am still waiting for my official 7 month pics...but this what I have been up to! Other pics coming soon!

~ I weigh 13lbs.
~ Still wearing out my 3 month clothes...although the sleeves are getting a little short.  Good thing summer is coming, b/c I can still wear short sleeved 3 months and newborn and 0-3 shorts!!! 
~I am finally growing into the size 2 diaper. 
~ I can ROLL and ROLL and ROLL!!

~I just figured out how to scoot a few days ago!
~I have been heard saying dadadada, and mama, mom, bababa
~I have started saying mababamama when it is time to is really cute...mommy says so!
~ I met the Easter Bunny.
~ We celebrated Easter with family...and rejoiced b/c JESUS has RISEN!

~ I started swim class at the YMCA. (however, I developed an ear infection, so classes are on hold!)

~Daddy and Mommy bought a BOAT!!!  This was our first trip out on the water....and I think mommy needs some lessons on boating.

~ I love mommy and me time....or maybe mommy loves it!

~Me and daddy heading our for my first ride in the tractor!!! (mom didn't go, so we didn't get pics of the ride :(

~ Mommy loves just taking random pictures of me, and I kinda like posing!
~ I love being nakey....I roll over as soon as the diaper is removed!

~ I am starting to sit, sit, sit!
~ I love to have screaming/screeching contests with anyone who wants to talk!  I love to see just how loud I can get.
~ I have been sleeping from 9-4or6 and from 4or6-8or9
~ I really don't have a consistent nap schedule. I take on average a total of 2.5-3 hours in naps.
~ I am nursing 5 times a day.  I eat cereal, lunch, and dinner.  I have added several new items to my diet.  I really like all foods. The only one I really don't like is frozen avocado...I think I like fresh though!

Monday, April 26, 2010

~I love him!!~

Friday, April 23, 2010

~funny friday~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~Wordless Wednesday~ "Grandpa's Love"

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