Friday, June 10, 2011

NICU Day 7

( I am aware that there are probably lots of grammatical and spelling errors in my blog posts.  I am just trying to stay caught up on the days...forgive me!)
Thursday June 9, 2011

The morning feedings went really well.  When I arrived this morning, I received good reports on both babies.  Lynlee hadn't alarmed since 7:45 last night.  Both babies ate well for me all day.  They were both a bit tired during the 1 o'clock feeding but were still able to get it all down.  Brock passed his hearing and carseat test today as well.  These are tests that they do right before dismissing a baby from crossing my fingers that he will be home soon.  Lynlee went all day with no alarms!!!  This was our best day so far....praying that tomorrow goes the same way. 

Weights: Brock 4#15oz
               Lynlee 4#9oz


Mrs. Howard said...

So happy for a good day!! You are amazing, Mama! Hang in there!!

Helen and Toots said...

Good News! Thank you, Destiny. Thoughts, Prayers, Love, helen

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