Sunday, June 5, 2011

~Delivery Day~

June 2, 2011

Dr finally came into the triage room and explained that with my pain and the high fetal heart rates, he was concerned about a possible placental abruption or deterioration.  He explained the he thought delivery was the safest for both me and the babies at this point.  We called our family and waited patiently until my morning pancakes had digested.  We arrived at the hospital around 10, and they nurses started to prep me for surgery around 3. 

Jesse and I were both very nervous about the babies and the possible problems that we might face with them being born early.  I was wheeled back to the operating room at 3:30.  The spinal was administered, but from the very start, I felt like it wasn't working like it should.  It took 24 minutes for the spinal to take effect, and I was still very hesitant about feeling more than I felt with Cayden's delivery.  The anesthesiologist was certain it had taken effect and surgery was started.  I could feel A LOT of pressure and pulling.  I could also feel my fingers moving around inside me ( TO MUCH FEELING FOR ME.)  I started to panic just a little, but I kept telling myself that I was going to deal with it, because seeing my babies was much more important to me. 

Brock Adam was born first at 4:13pm weighing in at 5 # 20z and 18 1/4in.  He started crying right away.  Lynlee Grace was born at 4:14 weighing 4# 14oz and 18 3/4 in.   She also cried right away.  I was able to see them both...and I don't remember much after that.  I started to really feel more of the surgery, so the anesthesiologist put me out with some really good nerve medicine, and I woke up in recovery shortly after the surgery was over.

 Lynlee Grace
Brock Adam

Both babies were taken to NICU for observation.  I was able to go right over and see them, and they were absolutely precious.  The NICU observation turned into a I will start a NICU Journal to document their progress. 


absees123s said...

I have been following your blog for almost two years now and am so thrilled that the babies are here! Congratulations!! God is so GOOD!

Mrs. Howard said...

I am soooo happy their weights were so good! I am praying they stay super healthy and that you will be able to take them home very soon!!

Sunflwr508 said...

Congratulations!!! The babies are precious and I'm so happy for all of you!!! God bless your sweet family!!!

CaSondra Shim said...

congtats! Yeah- you made it to 35 weeks! And your babies are now with you- wishing you all the best as they grow and through your NICU journey.

Jen&Carter said...

COngrats, I am praying that you have a speedy recovery as well as the babies stay health and maintain there weight for the most for being early. They are precious and cute. So happy for you.

Paige said...

Praise the LORD!!! You are one blessed (and about to be VERY busy) lady!!!

Amanda said...

Congratulations!! They are precious!! I will be praying for your family! I hope they won't have to stay in the NICU for too long!

Hillary said...

Congratulations! I am crying tears of joy for you right now! How wonderful to 2 happy healthy babies here with you now!

Lots of love and prayers! xoxoxo

Courtney said...

they are precious!!!

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