Saturday, June 11, 2011

NICU Day 9

Saturday June 11, 2011

Today didn't go as planned.  After 60 hours of no alarms, Lynlee had 2 alarms 2 hours prior to discharge.  I am heartbroken, yet thankful that she alarmed at the hospital where we knew what she was doing.  She is actually feeding like a champ (better than her brother.)  The Dr said he would start her on caffefine and order an apnea monitor that we would go home with early next week.  I have requested that they hold off on caffefine until Monday...hoping that she doesn't alarm any more.  If we start caffefine, then we have to go home with a monitor.  However, we can start caffefine the day she is discharged, so that is why I want to wait and see how she does the rest of today and tomorrow.  I am being hopeful and praying that God does a great work in her body.   Brock was discharged today around 1. It was bittersweet walking out with one baby and not the other.  I was nervous about what Cayden would think as well.  Well, he quickly learned a new word, and he didn't stop saying it until we got home. "Brock, Brock, Brock"  (sounds like bock bock bock.  He giggled and pointed at Brock the entire way home.  I was starving, so Brock's first outing was to Pizza Hut!  He slept the entire time.  


Courtney said...

so exciting to have one baby home! I can only imagine how hard it was to leave your baby girl in the hospital for a few more days. And now I want pizza hut! LOL

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