Monday, June 6, 2011

NICU Day 1- Day 3

 Friday June 3, 2011

We woke up after a short nights sleep to go spend time with our babies. We were told on their birth night that they would only be observed for 24 hours and then they would get to go to my room. They were breathing room air, eating, and do EXCELLENT! Within the first 3 hours of visiting them this morning, Lynlee had a desaturation that went very low. She turned a very dusky color, and scared me to death. That was the first problem that either of them encountered, however it was enough that they were admitted into the NICU for a stay. During the day both did well feeding. The only problem was that Lynlee had a few desats. Later in the day, Brock started to have a few problems eating, but still just under observation.

Weights: Brock 4#15 oz
                  Lynlee 4#13 oz


Saturday June 4, 2011

Babies did well today with temp control and eating.  Lynlee is still having episodes of desaturation, but remaining stable.  The Dr has reassured us that we have two very healthy babies that are "just acting their age."   Both babies were very tired after the 10 o'clock feeding, and we left the NICU that evening unsure of how things might be through the night.

Weights: Brock 4#15.6oz
                  Lynlee 4#11oz 

Sunday June 5, 2011

I woke up to call the NICU around 2:15 this morning to check on the babies.  Our nurse informed me that both were extrememly tired and only ate about 1/3 of their feedings, so she had to place feeding tubes in both.  She also reported that Lynlee was not only having desaturations, but that she had also had a two Brady (dips in heartrate) episodes.  I was more than a mess.  I woke Jesse up and had him wheel me to the NICU.  The nurse didn't even attempt to wake them for the 4 o'clock feeding...she let them rest as she fed them through their tubes.  Brock woke up for his 7 o'clock feeding, but Lynlee slept through it again.  I feel like we take one step forward and three steps back.  God has been so good, and I KNOW he will continue to strengthen my babies.  I prayed with both of them prior to their 10 o'clock morning feeding, and they did excellent...  As a matter of fact, Brock only needed the tube once during the day.  Lynlee was feeding all by bottle the rest of the day.  Today was bittersweet, because I was released and had to leave the hospital empty handed.  However, this time time I knew my babies were still there and that they were in the best hands. 

Weights:  Brock 4#15oz
                  Lynlee 4#9oz


Robertsons said...

You, of all people, never go anywhere empty handed. God has a grip on your hand, and you on His, like no one I have ever met. I just LOVE all the pictures of them together!

Hillary said...

Ohhh! They are just too precious for words! I'm so glad to hear that they are hanging in there and "acting their age". Congrats once again!

"In all things, may Jesus be the strength of your heart, the center of your life, the guide of your future, the joy of your soul."


Lindsey said...

Praying for your precious lil ones!!! But I too wanted to say congrats...they sure are cute!!!

2Erica2 said...

Saying prayers for you! No one can ever know your situation, but I can tell you that in our 81 days in the NICU, I saw so many babies who just needed a few extra days to sort out those desats, bradys, and feedings....They will be home with you soon. They are precious and I am so happy for you. Just know that those moments where you are a "mess" are so natural! Again, congrats on two beautiful twins!

Courtney said...

They look great! You guys make beautiful babies! Praying they come home soon!!

Toni said...

They are so beautiful! Hoping they come home soon!!! They look so precious together.

CaSondra Shim said...

Praying for your strength and for your babies to grow and get stonger and gain weight! Hugs

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