Monday, May 16, 2011

~quick mid-month update~

We had our 33 week US and appointment today.  Both babies are doing very well.  Mommy is hanging in there!  I was sent to the hospital late last week to have contractions stopped.  I am currently 60% effaced and 1cm dialated.  Dr. told me today that he just wants me to see 35 weeks.  If I am doing ok then, he might push me a little further, but he would be happy to get to 35 weeks and deliver.  I am a mixed ball of emotions about it all.  Prayers for 2.5 more weeks of "baking" are greatly appreciated.  We are so thankful that they babies are doing well.  God is GREAT!!! 
Brock Adam

Brock Adam (looks just like Caydens 32 wk US pic!)

Lynlee Grace (blowing kisses)

Lynlee Grace


CaSondra Shim said...

Such a blessing- hang in there! Will pray for you to get to 35 weeks.

Hillary said...

Such cute pictures you got of the kiddos! I'll be praying for you to hang in there just a couple of more weeks!

Lots of Love xoxox

Mrs. Howard said...

I am so glad you're doing well. I can't wait to hear about your precious twins' arrivals. I'm praying they do well in the NICU and get to go home soon!!!

Courtney said...

I saw on Mrs. Howards blog comments about your babies! They are in our prayers for a swift and happy exit from the NICU! Looking forward to your update and congratulations!

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