Tuesday, May 10, 2011

~Our Twin Pregnancy: Month 8~

I have been horrible about keeping track of dates and such this month.  I haven't felt the best, and it seems that time is getting away from me.  We finished our kitchen remodel, and the bathroom is almost finished.  We haven't even started on baby prepping yet. 

At our 29 week appointment I was measuring 34 weeks.  Dr said his goal was to see us hit the 32 week mark.   I started seeing a PT to help with the muscular spasms and pain at 29 weeks as well.  I felt really good for about 5 days, but then the pain came back in full force.  Luckily it is worse at night, so I am able to get some things accomplished during the day.   I had some days of dizziness and nausesness around 30 weeks. 

 It wasn't hard to spot this Easter Egg on Easter!!

At our 31 week appt I was measuring 39 weeks!!!  Yes, I feel like a full term momma!  I have officially gained 30lbs. Both babies had good strong heartbeats on the US.  Brock and Lynlee were both practicing their breathing at this appointment as well!!! 

I can't believe how I can feel excellent one day and the next I am a complete mess.  I am so thankful for the "good"days.  The bad days are rough, but I am still extremely thankful and blessed to be carrying these babies.  I wouldn't trade the pain for anything (not even early delivery.)  I want Brock and Lynlee to be HEALTHY.  I don't want to see them hooked to tubes and wires....the thought just really scares me.  We made it to 32 weeks (our Dr's goal!)  I can't believe that we will meet them in 5 weeks!!! 

Pregnancy symptoms:  Sleepless/ uncomfortable nights, swollen feet at night, sore muscles/joints in morning,  heartburn, crazy left abdominal and back pain.
Cravings: Famous Amos Cookies (I eat A LOT of them!!!)  Chick-Fil-A milkshakes.


Amanda said...

You look amazing! I think I was the same size as you at 31 weeks and I was just pregnant with one baby... haha. I can't believe how far along you are already. I am sure the next 5 weeks will fly by. I hope that your pain improves, or at least doesn't get worse.

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