Friday, April 29, 2011

~Life as a Mommy~

There isn't a more rewarding job in the entire world.  I had a lot of dreams and expectations about being a mom, but Cayden has far exceeded them all.  He makes everyday joyful!  I also know that having Braxton has made me "enjoy" motherhood even more.  There are so many things that may seem little to others, but they mean so much to me.  With Mother's Day approaching I find myself with mixed emotions.  I want to be able to say that life couldn't be better, but I would be lying.  Life would be complete with Braxton here.   We will attempt to go to church this year...the past few years have been rough. To add to those years, last year we spent in the ER!!!  Praying that this year will be full of excitement and not disappoint. 

What do you do for Mother's Day?  What do you get your mom?  Shutterfly has some great Mother's Day gifts that can be personalized just for your mother.  The photo flip notebooks are great to keep in purses. 

I have also seen great deals on their Mother's Day cards.  A personalized photo card always means so much.   I try to make photo cards for family members as often as I can. 

Last year for Father's Day, I made a daddy photo brag book.  This year, Shutterfly has some cute Mommy Photobooks!!!  I would love my own bragbook!!! 

I encourage you to check out the great deals and quality at .  If you are a fellow blogger, you can blog about shutterfly and enjoy 50 FREE 5 x 7 photocards (visit for more details.)   

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother's Day.  Please say a prayer for those woman who still long to be called mom. 


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