Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~I would never..~

~ I would never wear the same pajamas that have been peed and puked on two nights in a row..and all day long!

~ I would never use a diaper (clean) as a burp cloth..because all the burp cloths are dirty!

~ I would never express my breastmilk in a bathroom stall..because I forgot to take my pump to town with me!

~ I would never admit that my toddler pooped on the floor and that the dogs commenced to eating it!

~ I would never allow my husband to place Cayden's new playset outside our living room picture window..and then watch said boy cry and scream for hours wanting to go "ou..si" (outside).

~ I would never allow my newborn son to make it a habit that he sleeps on my chest from 3am-6am...every night!!!

~ I would never laugh at the site of a carseat full of runny poop and a daughter that is covered in that same runny poop. (This never happened, especially not at a restaurant during lunch time!)
~And I would never really consider just putting a blanket over above situation and driving home to clean it up. 


Hillary said...

That list was hilarious!! You have to love all of those Mom moments!


Mrs. Howard said...

I would never ever let both drink from the same bottle - one after the other - so I didn't have to make two trips to the kitchen...

Nor would I ever leave a baby in a onesie that he peed on until I got home to give him a bath...

ILoveLenaGrace said...

I would never open a new paci or cup in the middle of Wal Mart, and give it directly to my daughter because she was making a scene.

I would never pick up said paci or cup off the floor at Wal Mart and give it directly back to her without thoroughly washing it off first.

I would never allow my child to stay asleep in peed-on pjs (or sheets, or blankets) instead of waking her up to change her.

I would never leave my child in a locked, running vehicle at a gas station so that I could run inside and pee.

I could go on...

CaSondra Shim said...

Yes- this is hilarious- I love your honesty and that you can laugh at the above- which is needed in many of the situations. You should make a book of the "I nevers" so cute ( I'm sure not at the time) but REAL LIFE!

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