Wednesday, August 3, 2011

~2 Months~

Another month has come and gone.  This month was a bit rough.  Both babies have been diagnosed with all day colic!  It started out being an evening only thing, but quickly progressed to being all day.  We tried water, probiotics, chiropractor, car rides, running sweeper or dryer, gas drops, warm compresses to belly, swinging, bouncing....  The only thing that works is holding them very closely while swaddled.  Let me remind you that I have a 22 month old, so holding and rocking two babies all day (while this sounds wonderful) is IMPOSSIBLE.  I have a few great friends and family members that have spent a few days with me rocking babies!  I took Lynlee back to pediatrician a week ago because she was crying and screaming all day...much more than mommy knew was normal for a colicky baby.  He had me take her off breastmilk, and we started her on Nutramigen.  We did a week long trial, and I am happy (that stuff is EXPENSIVE) and sad to report that it didn't help.  She was puking way more on that than on breastmilk.  Brock has gotten much better, and I know that Lynlee won't be far behind.  These days won't last forever, and I welcome their cries, because afterall...I missed out on so many with Braxton.  Now for individual updates!! 

Brock Adam

~I weigh 8#3oz, 21in long!
~I now take Zantac to help with my reflux. 
~Mommy placed me on my belly for a little tummy time and when she returned to the room....I was on my back!!!  I rolled over on July 25.  (I haven't done it again, so mommy isn't sure to count it or not??)
~I have been full of smiles the last few days.  Here is a pic of one of my firsts!

~I eat 3 oz every 3 hours during the day.  I have been sleeping anywhere from 6-9 hours at night. 
~I am wearing newborn clothing and newborn diapers. 

Lynlee Grace

~I weigh 7#3oz and 20.5in.
~No more Apnea Monitor and caffeine free!!!!
~I eat 3oz every 3 hours during the day, and I sleep 6-9 hours at night!!

~I wear newborn clothes and diapers.
~I was on my belly on the floor on Aug 1, and when mommy came back to check on me...I was on my back!! 
~I have shown a few smiles, but I like to keep them for very special times. 
~I have been really uncomfortable this month, so all I want is to be held.
(this is what she looks like this month...if she isn't being held! poor baby..)


Kahla said...

They are precious! Hope the days are getting better with each passing moment. Our son had severe reflux and was miserable unless he was being held. It was so hard at the time, but looking back it seems like a blip on the radar.

CaSondra Shim said...

So sorry to hear they are crying so much- that must be hard! They are adorable though and yes- this won't last forever. Hang in there and keep getting help from friends-I'm sure they WANT to help- who wouldn't want to hold this little ones!

Brianne said...

Let me just say that I think that the fact you have a 22 month old and you're breastfeeding twins is AMAZING!! They are adorable. They were in the nicu with my nephew Easton, I believe : )

Anonymous said...

Your babies are adorable!! I don't want to sound like a know-it-all parent, but we went through something similar to what you're going thourgh with our third child. He also started crying all day during the second month. He had reflux, so I was hesistant to feed him too much because I figured he'd just spit it up. After talking with our pediatrician, he told me that breastfed babies should be getting 2 oz of milk for every pound of their weight. So an 8 lb baby should have 16 oz during the day. He recommended 1-3 oz. every 2-3 hours. Within a few days, my baby was sooooo much happier. His reflux wasn't any better, but at least he wasn't screaming all day and he started growing much better. I hope this will help you - colic is NO FUN!!!

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