Thursday, August 11, 2011

Creating Memories...

I was so good about taking pictures (LOTS) of Cayden.  I think I took more than 20/day when he was little.  I find myself staring at the twins thinking "this would make an awesome picture."  However, the camera is to far away, I don't want to wake them up, or I am holding both and can't get up!!  I captured so many "memories" on camera or video with Cayden.  The twins are growing so fast, and I want to be sure to some how keep the memory of the baby stage alive...if only in pictures.  I recently made two photobooks of the twins' pictures.  I used shutterfly's new custom feature to make one of them.  It turned out fabulous.  It was a photobook of my pregnancy journal and their birth.  I also ordered a photomug for my dad with the kid on it.  I now have a stack of 200 prints that I need to get into photo albums...(something I was good at with Cayden's photos)..but I know these will stay in a large stack for now! 

I have been thinking a lot about Cayden's 2nd birthday party (Can you believe it is only 2 months away!!!)  I need to get out and take some pictures for his invitations.  I have 50 free cards to order from Shutterfly, so I need to get busy!!

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