Tuesday, August 26, 2008

meet my furbabies....

(25 lb moody old man)

(lovable lap-size momma's girl)

(extra large drooling big baby)

These guys keep me sane (or insane) on a day to day basis. Recently, the two boxers have been rather "needy," I don't know if they sense my crazy nerves or what. We use to kennel them when we left, then they decided that they could be "good girls" and stay out. All was fine and dandy, until we got new carpet...then they decided that accidents would be ok every now and again. Well let me tell you that one accident a month adds up fast. So, I went back to kenneling them. And, one day while my husband was mowing I saw a peculiar sight in the yard. It looked like a fragment of the john deere sheet that princess was sleeping on in her kennel. Silly me went over and PICKED it up...and smelt it!!! Yes, she had been eating the sheet in her fits of rage in the kennel. LOVELY!

Then Nala decided to become my little "houdini." I came home one day to find her out roaming my house...and the kennel was still latched at the top and in the middle. This 90 lb dog had managed to squeeze herself through a hole 8 in hole...... We managed to add more latches and we tried again. I came home last week to a dog that was bloodshot everywhere. Her entire neck was raw...and she was soaking wet with drool. She had tried to escape again and got hung up in the kennel. Thank God she was able to "lube" herself up enough to get out before strangling.

So, we then decided to let them run free in the "back room." (we had tried this before with a baby gate, but they started climbing it to get over. So, my husband made some terrrible looking plywood make shift gate that was 5 feet tall...yes it looked like hillbilly heaven! GUESS WHAT....Nala managed to pry herself between the board and the trim and she was free again.
It was back to kennels again last night. I gave in and put their kennels in my dining room, so they could see out the big picture window (they love to just sit and watch the cars go by, and they couldn't do this in the back room.) As we were getting ready to leave last night to run an errand, I decided to set up my video camera so we could really see what they do when we leave. I had America's Funniest home video waiting for me when I got home. They licked their kennels for over an hour.......I don't know what the fascination is with standing in a pool of drool, but they don't seem to mind. Nala tried to bite every wire on the kennel...she was going crazy. Then, they both fell asleep. We had to latch Nala's kennel in four places, so she couldn't escape...boy did she try.

As you can read, they keep me on my toes. Outlaw on the other hand is just a moody old man. He wines when he wants food and leaves a present for me in front of his litter box if we fail to notice that it needs changed. Other than that....he just lays on my bed or couch and sleeps. No wonder he is an obese cat.

I have two other big babies outside....more on them another day!


Anonymous said...

this is the funniest thing I have heard! Dogs are hysterical and they truly know when something is up. Chaz is always more affectionate when I am down or stressed. Dog is God! And the hula skirt is lmao! Love you

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Thank you for sharing your friends with us. The kitty looks like he has an ATTITUDE lol. They are all sooo adorable. Animals are my weakness. Hubby gave our dog a bath yesterday and he is strutting around with his tail held high. (Helen from Osco)

Annie said...

That is hilarious Destiny! Sounds like our old dog Jack. Too funny!!!

Amy said...

hahah! Gotta love the grass skirt. I can't believe she left it alone. We have one furbaby and his a big yellow lab. The mess from the hair he sheds feels like enough work to have two dogs. lol

Anonymous said...

Haha! That's hilarious. Dogs are awesome, they are always there for you when you need them. That's great you set up the video camara. We had a dog that was like that, too, always getting out of everything somehow.

Kellie said...

Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. I love the pics of your 'babies'. So cute!

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