Saturday, October 22, 2011

random ramblings...

~ My heart has been so full lately.  I often look at Cayden playing, Brock swinging, and Lynlee bouncing and wonder "how can I be so blessed?" 

~Lynlee has recently started "talking" a lot.  She swung in swing for 30 minutes the other day, just talking and laughing to herself.  SO ADORABLE. 

~Cayden has been talking a lot lately.  He still uses one word phrases...but it amazes me that he can tell a story with one word phrases, hand gestures, and facial expressions , and I can understand exactly what he is saying!!

~Jesse has been doing some trucking on the side for the local farmers.  He took a Thursday and Friday off a few weeks ago.  Cayden went with him all day Thursday. Jesse got up early and left on Friday morning (6:30.)  I fed the twins and as I was walking back to our room from the nursery, I noticed a little boy was perched above the bed rails in his room resting his head on his folded arms.  I thought if I didn't acknowledge him being up that maybe he would lay back down.  No sooner than my head hit the pillow I hear " momma up daddy truckin."  I got up and explained that it was way to early to get up and that he could come to bed with me for awhile (he never sleeps with us, so it was pointless.) I closed my eyes and "peeked" at what he was doing laying on my chest.  His arms were folded and he was resting his head on them, staring at me.  He then poked me gently in the face and said again "momma up daddy truckin me."  I called Jesse and put Cayden on the phone "daddy truckin me??"  He had the saddest tone in his voice during all these small conversations.  It melted Jesse's heart, and the semi was back in minutes to pick up its' passenger!!

~I read "Goldilocks and the three Bears" the other night to Cayden.  In an attempt to see if he really pays attention to books, I asked him several questions after I was finished reading.  "What happened to baby bear's chair."  With a giggle he says "broke."  "How did it break?"  "oops."  "What did the little girl do when she saw the three bears?"  He screams and covers his mouth then says "wun" (run)!  SO CUTE!

~ I was rocking Lynlee, and Cayden wanted "up" on my lap as well.  He climbed up and gently patted her on the back and said "pitty" (pretty.)  He then reached up and put both hands around my cheeks "momma pitty." You want to talk about a boy melting my heart.  He is growing up so fast!!

~Brock and Lynlee have quickly outgrown their baby bath.  I have been rushed for bath times in the last few weeks, so the other night, I put Brock in the bumbo in the tub with Cayden (Thanks Mrs Howard for the idea!)  Cayden was so excited!!  "Brock bath me Brock bath me"  After Brock's bath, I passed him off to Jesse and Lynlee got to join the fun as well!! 

~Up until about a week ago, I was getting so frustrated trying to discipline Cayden.  He was not at all affected by time outs or spanking.  In fact, he would laugh at you for doing either one.  (Talk about ROTTEN!)  However, this past week, he has been the sweetest, most well behaved little boy.  All I have to do when he is misbehaving is ask him if he wants time out or a spank (depending on what he is doing), and he quickly stops misbehaving and says "no no no."  He will sometimes offer a hug and "sorree" (sorry) as well. 

~Cayden has been repeating and imitating out mommy and daddy!! I asked him for a kiss the other day....he came running full speed, tongue out and wiggling, and said "momma, daddy kiss!!) Oh my word!!!

~The twins are finally starting to ride in their car seats without crying the entire trip!  Hallelujah!!

~Cayden moved up the to the "twos" at church recently.  After his first day in the new class, he came running up to me afterwards with a color sheet "ma ma ma"  I have dreamed of the "first" drawing for me.  I was brought to tears.  

I know this post was all over the place, but I want to remember these small conversations and feelings.  I have found that as good as I think my memory is, details from a few years ago are already starting to fade!!  


Hillary said...

Awww... what sweet sweet kiddos you have! You are truely blessed!


Mrs. Howard said...

Yay! I'm so glad the bumbo chair worked for you too. We love it!

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