Friday, October 7, 2011

~4 months~

What a difference a month makes.  Brock and Lynlee are happy babies now!!  They are both sleeping in their own cribs in the nursery now (9/16/11).  They both sleep 9-6, eat, sleep 6-9 (I know, I am BLESSED!!)   Both babies are big happy spit-uppers.  We go through lots of clothing and sheets.  They had their first overnight stay at Papaw and Nana's (9/3/11 with big brother Cayden.  I can't even begin to tell you how full our hearts are.  Individual Stats....

Brock Adam

~ We call him "Mr. Personality."  He loves to smile, giggle, and FLIRT! 
~Nickname: Brock-a- baby, brother bear.
~Eats 4.5- 5 ounces 5 times/day.  He would rather flirt than eat. 
~Rolled over on 9/26/11 belly to back.
~0-3, 3 month clothing
~Size 1 diaper
~ 12lbs 8 oz 23in (nearly 2 pounds heavier than Cayden at this age:()

Lynlee Grace

~Recently started cooing A LOT! 
~Nickname: sister susie, inwee (Cayden's pronunciation!), pretty girl
~Eats 4.5-5 ounces 5/day  She is a great eater!
~Rolled over on 9/24/11 belly to back.
~NB, 0-3 clothing
~Size 1 diaper
~12lbs 3oz 22.2in

PS..I was very shocked that they were so close in weight...she seems much tinier than him.  Also sad that they are nearly 2lbs heavier than Cayden was at this age.  Where are my babies going??


Mrs. Howard said...

Oh my gosh! Look at those adorable smiles!!

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