Tuesday, November 8, 2011

~5 Months~

5 Months...really??  These babies keep us "hoppin."  They are absolute blessings.  They have started to develop their own personalities, yet they are similiar in so many ways.  We have had another rough month dealing with spit-up and feeding issues.  Neither one of them are ever comfortable during or after eating.  We have a specialist appointment with a Riley Dr this Friday. (We would appreciate prayers that we would get some answers on what may be going on.)

~Brock Adam~

*Approximately 13.5#
*Wears 3mo clothing. Size 2 diapers (3's at night!!)
*Eats 5, 6oz bottles daily.
*Sleeps from 9-6 6-8:30 consistently
*Has recently decided that he needs to be held tight and rocked to sleep for most naps.  He also moans/grunts as he is falling asleep (just like his Cayden did!!).  It really is hiliarious to listen to him moan himself to sleep. 
*He thinks everything is funny.

*He reaches out to hold Lynlee's hand when they are laying close together. He loves being close to her. 
* He attempts to hold his own bottle.
* He doesn't like to roll over.  He can roll from belly to back, but very rarely. 
*Started blowing raspberries.

~Lynlee Grace~

*Approximately 13.3#
*Wears 3mo clothing. Size 2 diapers.
*Eats 5, 6oz bottles daily.

*Sleeps from 9-6 6-8:30 consistently

*She will put herself to sleep for a nap most days. 
*She likes to "talk."
*She loves to "crack up laughing."  (This is very different than Brock's giggles!)
*She has started really kicking and lifting her feet, but hasn't really found them yet.

*Eats with her hands folded behind her head....super cute!


Hillary said...

They are just adorable! I can not believe how big they are getting already!


Risa said...

Cutie pies :) On a side note, our little guy had reflux for the first 15 months and what finally worked for him was Nexium. If they do have reflux I highly recommend it over Zantac or Prevacid. You also have to be very careful with the timing of reflux meds or they will not work at all. Most have to be given on an empty stomach about 1/2 hour before eating. No fun to try and work the timing out, but it does make a huge difference. Hopefully you'll get some good info from the doctor you are going to see :) BTW - the only reflux med you don't have to time around meals is Zegerid (which is what we ultimately switched to) but a lot of GI docs will not prescribe it because of the lack of clinical trials in infants.

Erica Crum said...

Love these little blessing!!! They look so big in these pictures!! They're growing too fast!!!!!

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