Thursday, November 17, 2011

~A year of BLESSINGS~

Our family has been so BLESSED this year.  Our twins were born on June 2nd.  My oldest brother and his wife welcomed my niece, Brielle, on July 21st (10 wks early). AND My youngest brother and his wife welcomed my second niece, Allison, on September 26th.   My parents are more than excited about this year of BLESSINGS!!  (this photo shoot was I can't help it...I am posting all the photos!)

Quadruplet Cousins???


Hillary said...

I love those pictures! They are all too funny and really show how real life is with little ones!


Helen and Toots said...

Thanks, Des - for posting the pictures. My heart is full of joy, too, because of your blessings! Gramma looks sooo happy, and Grampa seems to be VERY pleased! So happy for Benji, Craig, and you guys!!! of course Benji and Craig had some help from their wives. Love to all, and a VERY Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Your family has, indeed, been greatly blessed! love helen

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