Monday, November 24, 2008

join my journey.......

we were keeping this all a secret.....but prayers are really needed. i have been keeping track of the journey, and i was hoping to be able to post it all with a better ending. anyway.....

Oct 7- jesse and i have decided to move forward with infertility treatments. we are going to go for the in-vitro. i am very nervous, but hopeful that getting medical help will meet God's plan.

Oct 20- started the yucky birth control pills....they make me puffy!

Nov 3- i have started injecting myself each night 3 different meds. ouch! the pic shows one of two bottles of used syringes.....

Nov 6- all my bloodwork levels came back really good....maybe too good. dr. decided to have me stop one of the meds.

Nov 8- levels fell, so i am back to taking all three meds.

Nov 10- i had the first ultrasound today, and we have 15+ follicles developing!

Nov 12- i had another ultrsound today, and i noticed right away that my left ovary wasn't growing much.....the nurse confirmed my observation. they had to triple my meds.

Nov 14- i was suppose to be ready for the egg retrieval by now, but the left ovary still isn't doing anything. as a matter of fact the follicles seem to be shrinking. God ....what is going on.

Nov 15- received the news that noone wants to hear. the IVF has been cancelled, b/c my follicles have all fizzled. the drop in my levels at the beginning of the cyle hurt everything. we are devastated. the dr has suggested going ahead with another insemination on monday. we know that God can make anything out of we are hopeful that the one remaining follicle will produce a healthy mature egg. jesse has to give me my BIG shot tonight in my hiney....yes..i am nervous.
~he is good....i didn't feel a thing~

Nov 17- we proceeded with the insemination. everything seemed to go really well. i have gained some weight throughout the treatment...but i am hoping it will all be worth it. we had the dr do any ultrsound first, just so i could see that there was still a follicle growing. Praise God...there were two maybe three. the first insemination that we tried worked (but we MC at 5 weeks) and there were only three follicles. so, there is still a chance.

there you have it in a very small nutshell. the cycle was much more intense than i could ever explain in words. so here we are in the 2ww ( two week wait). i am super anxious to get good news. i am really struggling. please lift us up in prayer. we so badly want to have children to raise in a good home and bring them up to know that God we serve. we can't wait for the day when we can dedicate our children to their heavenly Father. God, we ask all these things in your son's precious name.

i promise to let you all know just as soon as we know something.


Sunny said...

I am working on Braxton's book right now.
Thinking about you guys.
Praying for your family.
Love you.

PS Almost done. About 15 pages left. Out of 40.

2Erica2 said...

Oh my goodness.... I am thinking about you guys! This is so emotional to go through IVF and given that I am in the 2ww with you, I know how critical all of those appointments are. I am sorry this cycle didn't work out and will simply pray that it was for a reason greater than we can even imagine. I hope your hiney felt ok...mine feels like there are golf balls under the skin! Ouch! I really do pray that things go well for you and that there can be some happiness and peace that comes of all of this!

Kelly said...

I am saying a prayer for you.
I found your blog through Lisa's at My Journey through Infertility.
Earlier today I read a little of your story with you and your husbands journey with the Lord. It is very near the same as mine and my husbands journey.
I am thinking of you.

Lisa said...

Continuing to keep you and your hubby in my prayers. I know from experience the emotional roller coaster that you can go through when going through fertility treatments. Indeed it is something that you need God for and your hubby. The support group around you is so important. Best of luck to you in everything. Hope those tushie shots don't hurt too bad. I remember the progesterone shots and boy oh boy those things were SO uncomfortable. If you need pointers to help through the discomfort just let me know...I would be more then happy to share a helpful pointer with you that really helped me.

AmandaHoyt said...

You are in my prayers daily.

The Cantlons said...


I continue to pray for you and Jesse. I hope all goes well with your two week wait. Keep in touch. We miss you!


Anne said...

You are in my prayers and I hope to hear great news from you in the coming weeks!

Anonymous said...

I have my fingers crossed, and I am praying really hard for you guys!!! I hope that all goes well!

Jean's Blessings said...

Good luck babe!!! You know we are always thinking about you:)

Anonymous said...

I am sure this 2ww is going to be really long. We are praying everything goes well!!


dandrewbecky said...

I know that these things are hard to wait on., but worrying isn't good either. I know how you are feeling. Keeping you guys in our prayers, and we talk often to Drew about you guys. I will keep watching for any news. It is a roller coaster ride. Love you.


Lisa said...

Destiny - I found this NEAT blog site and thought of Braxton right away. You should check it out and see if they would be so kind to write Braxton's name in the sand. here is the link.....

Becky said...

Destiny, praying for you and Jesse always. Can not wait to HEAR GOOD NEWS. WE LOVE YOU GUYS.


The White Family said...

TONS and TONS of prayers are with you and your husband. I will be checking back for your news. Have a great thanksgiving!

Brenna's Mom said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you and your husband.

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