Wednesday, October 15, 2008

we miss you all.....

On streets of gold, walk many children with candles all aglow.
Happy faces, shining smiles, but there is one that stands alone.
Oh and when asked to join the others she just smiles at them and says
I cannot keep my candle lit from the tears from my mothers eyes.
For my mother is now weeping just for me.
Although she does not understand that I'm living in this promised land
Where my candle's light can take away her tears.
Oh sometimes it seems so lonely, in our hearts we seem so sad,
From a loss of our precious loved ones and the memories that we have,
Oh but keep your eyes on their lights, let their candle shine so bright.
For they cannot keep their candles lit, from the tears that we shed,
So remember that they're living in His love.
As Jesus walks with them, let their life shine within,
And their candles light can take away all our tears....


Rhonda said...

Hello. I just found your blog through "Bring the Rain." Let me first say how sorry I am for your loss. I know that I am a complete stranger to you, but your story--Braxton's story--has made a significant impact on me. I recently had a miscarriage--it was my worst fears in living color. So much of what I read on your blog, I feel myself nodding my head...yep. God has blessed our family with two children before this miscarriage, but I still mourn for this loss--like I never ever thought possible.
Please know that a family in Texas is praying for you.

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