Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~10 Months~

Time can slow down anytime now!!!  The closer they get to one...the more I want another one...and the more I realize... we might be done..sigh.

~Brock Adam~
* He got pretty sick at the beginning of March (RSV and ear infections then flu!)  He ended up losing over a pound.
* He weighs exactly 17lbs.
*Starting eating table foods this month!!  (cheerios, grilled cheese, applesauce, cereal bars, fish)
* Size 3 diaper.
*9 month clothes, 3-6mo that it has been nice out he can actually where some 3-6 outfits...he really just needs 9 mo for length!
*He is definitely my "happy baby." He has a very laid back loving personality.
*Got first tooth!
*Pulls up on everything...can crawl, sit, crawl.
*Laughs and giggles at random times!! (so cute)

~Lynlee Grace~
* Weighs 17# 4 oz
* Got RSV as well.
* LOVES table food and LOVES to eat!!
*She is a DADDY'S GIRL. 
* She prefers men over women.
*Size 3 diaper.
*9 month clothes, 3-6 mo pants....can wear short sleeved 6 month stuff!
* Has two teeth!
*Pulls ups to everything! Can crawl, sit, crawl.
*Personality like Cayden!
(She wouldn't stop moving or laughing for pictures!)
Getting picture of nearly impossible!!! 
But...I got one!!

These babies are more precious than life itself!!!   I love them more and more everyday! I love watching them "grow" into very different children.


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