Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Twin Pregnancy- Month Six

~Week 21~

I woke up early on Thursday feeling like everything had dropped.  I was having pain around my cervix when standing.  Called the Dr, and they had me lay on left side for the day.  Pain eased up a little and was gone by Saturday.  Still feel pretty good for being pregnant with twins! 

~March 2~ (22 weeeks)

Today we had our "big" ultrasound.  We prayed and prayed that everything would look great.  We were praying for no "scares" like we had with Cayden's ultrasound.  The ultrasound couldn't have gone smoother. 

Baby A is a BOY!! I think I grinned for 10 minutes!  Heart rate 152.  Measuring exactly 22 weeks. ~1 lb.  Brock Adam--meaning--Braxton comes from Brock's we like that they both were in each other's meanings.  Adam--sticking to Bible middle names. 

Baby B is a GIRL!!  Our dream come true.  Heart rate 148.  Measuring 21w3d.  ~15oz.  Lynlee--combination of my middle name and Jesse's.  Grace--God's grace is endless!!!

Hearts, kidneys, brains, bladders, stomachs, faces, hands, feet all checked out PERFECTLY. 

Funny story:  (Note: Our Dr does not show emotion at all.)  After the US we headed to our Dr appt.  He was scanning through the US pictures and started to chuckle.  He then said  "well this is an undeniable gender picture..he has his own kickstand!"  I thought I was going to fall off the exam table, I was laughing so hard.

~Week 23-24~

Nothing really exciting going on.  I am extremely hungry all the time, and I never feel like I can get enough to eat....this is going to really pack on the pounds!!  I have been craving sweets like crazy.  Heartburn is pretty intense.  I had a chiropractic adjustment and pregnancy massage during week 23, in hopes that it would help me sleep a little better.  I got  a few nights of relief, but my hips are back to burning and aching at night.  I hear all the time that I am not very big for carrying twins...but can I just be honest and say that I feel very "heavy."  I realize that my belly doesn't look big, but it is definitely heavier than carrying a singleton.  I still don't feel Lynlee very often, but Brock is definitely a mover.  I have a large to-do list of things that need done before the twins arrive, but most of it is stuff that I would prefer waiting until closer to due date....however, I know that I won't be able to do a lot the further along I I have to get started soon!! 

24 Weeks!

Pregnancy Symptoms: HUNGRY, HUNGRY, HUNGRY.  Heartburn. Sore hips.  Heavy/bloated feeling. 
Cravings:  Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, ice get the drift...anything SWEET.
Weight Gain:  appprox 13lbs.


Mrs. Howard said...

I sooo hear you about two things:

(1) Sore hips! WOW!! It is incredible how much pain I have in my hips!

(2) People telling me I don't look that big for having twins. I feel ginormous and I'm sure they're trying to be sweet by telling me I look small, but the way I take it is, "Look, lady, you're going to be huge here pretty soon. So hang on!"


A Wife and Her Coach said...

Amazing! You look amazing and so do the babies! Praying things continue to go well. I am sooo happy for you!

The Cantlons said...

You look great! So happy for you!

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