Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Twin Pregnancy: 5th month

~January 30~

I feel like a completely different human being.  The headaches have eased up quite a bit.  My energy level is finally rising!!!  I feel the babies on a daily basis, but the movements are still very butterfly like...slow and light.  I really have to concentrate to feel them.  I am so glad that I am starting to have the 2nd trimester "feel good" stage.

(February 2)

~February 7~

We had a rough few days because we hadn't felt baby B for about 3 days.  We had our 18 week appt today, and everything looked good.  Dr. discovered that the placenta is on the surface and was buffering most of baby B's movements.  We were hoping to find out genders today, but no such luck.  I have gained 6 lbs total. 

~February 16~

My belly is really starting to get BIG!(Although, compared to pictures of my belly with Cayden...I am smaller now!)  I have had 3 nights of pretty restless sleep (I hope this doesn't stick around!)  Other than being uncomfortable at night, I feel pretty amazing for carrying twins!  One more week and we enter month 6...CRAZY!


Pregnancy Symptoms: Restless sleep, heartburn, painful hips, INCREASED appetite.
Cravings: Fish sandwiches (I HATE fish!!), Chocolate chip cookies
Weight Gain: 6.5 lbs
(This picture is actually the start of month6...but I wanted you all to have a current picture!)


Marisha said...

I've been following your blog for a while...I'm happy about your newest blessing. You look lovely pregnant.

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