Saturday, January 30, 2010

~ 4 Months~

~I am stealing more and more of mommy and daddy's heart everyday.

~I am a little guy...I weigh 10lbs 12.5oz 22in!!! Dr. says the "greatest gifts come in the smallest packages!"

~ I still don't have a sleep schedule....I like being random!

~I eat every 3 hours for the most part...sometimes every 2 or 4.

~I can roll from my front to my back.

~I loved to say "oh, ooohhh," and "agoo" (mommy had a hard time spelling those)

~I get bored really easily...I have to be doing something different every 5 minutes.

~I am still in 0-3, and 3 month clothes....some newborns still fit too!

~I wear a size 1 diaper.

~I started sleeping in my bed this week...and I am still adjusting!

~I got my first taste of cereal this week...I am becoming a fan!

~I love to smile at my mom, and then I love it even more to freeze when she pulls the camera out...I have let her catch a few half-hearted smiles!

~Bath time has to be one of my favorite times. I really like to kick and move, so I got to get in the big tub (with assistance of course!)

~Just call me "mr irresistible"


Paige said...

So sweet!! I especially love the last picture- I can't wait to see callyn's expression when she tries cereal!

Krista said...

What a cutie!!!

April said...

He is so so sweet! My little one is 9 months and still in 3-6 month clothes, so different from his BIG brother who was in 12-18 months at that point lol! They are such gifts, love your blog :-)

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