Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Month...

Mommy and daddy can't believe how much you have grown already!

~you are awake a lot more these days!

~you eat every 3 hours during the day

~you wake every 3-5 hours at night to eat

~you stir every 2 hours at night b/c you are uncomfy!!

~you LOVE LOVE LOVE bath time

~you prefer to be held while napping (everyone says you are spoiled!)

~your eyelashes have finally started to come in

~you have baby acne

~mommy heard you coo one time (she can't wait until you are cooing away)

~you like to lay on your tummy at least once a day

~you smile while sleeping (you must be talking to Braxton) (mommy can't wait until you smile at her)

~you and daddy bond at night so mommy can go to bed early

~you melt mommy's heart every minute of every day!


The Dorns said...

This next month "month 2" was when I felt I was really getting a handle on being a mommy and he was a joy to be with. Heres to a really good month . Enjoy!

Krista said...

Happy 1 month! Sounds like our boys are doing the same things these days!

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