Friday, February 10, 2012

~8 Months~

I am getting behind!!!  Trying to stay above water!!!  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!!! 

It is crazy to think that in 4 short months these babies will be one!!!  We have been covered in snot, diarrhea, puke, and more snot this month!  Brock is still trying to fight off this stubborn cold.  They take turns on who is going to stay up half the night.  I really wish they would choose to do it on the same night...that way I could get a little rest!!  Just keep swimming, just keep motto!

Brock Adam

~ Weighs a little over 16#
~sits up on his own (around 7.5 month mark!)
~expert army crawler/scooter.
~Has a very laid back personality. 
~Loves being with mommy.
~The "follower"
~6-9 month clothing
~4 bottles and 2 meals
~Size 3 diapers.
~Size 4 nighttime diaper with a maxi-pad...and still manges to pee through!!

Lynlee Grace

~Weighs around 16#
~6-9mo clothes
~size 3 diaper
~ The "leader"
~LOVES her older brother, follows him everywhere!
~Started taking crawls between scooting...crawling soon!
~Started sitting up around 7.5 months.
~ very independent.

I am really behind on everything, so the post is short!  They are keeping me busy!


Hillary said...

They just get cuter and cuter every month! And, that's an awesome idea about putting a maxi pad in a diaper!I had not thought of that, but we will be trying it!
So glad to hear that the babies are doing so great!


CAS said...

Oh they are just adorable! Sending you Mommy Strength!

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