Monday, January 16, 2012

~7 Months~

These two miracle babies are growing way to fast!  I never realized how "slow" Cayden grew until now.  Everyone used to say how little Cayden was, but I had no clue!!  Brock is wearing clothes that Cayden wore at 9-12 months!! 

~Brock Adam~
*Finally rolled over on December 14.
*Babbles frequently...bababab
*Super ticklish
*Mommy's cuddle bug.
*Started to supported sitting around Christmas.
*Army crawling New Year's.
*Size 3 diaper, Size 4 overnight (this boy can pee!!)
*3-6, 6mo clothes

~Lynlee Grace~
*~15# 3oz
*Started babbling within the last week.
*Started supported sitting around Christmas
*Has a "don't mess with me" attitude!
~Army crawling right after Christmas
*Size 3 diaper
*3-6, 6 mo clothes

I apologize for the shortness of this post, I am just happy that I got it done.  I will be posting a bit later on our day to day life.  Stay tuned! (That is if I can find time to sit and type!!)


Hillary said...

Suck cuties! I can't believe that they are now closer to being a year than not! How has 7 months flown by so fast?? Didn't you just have them :) ?


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