Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~11 Months~

Hip Hip Hooray...my first birthday is a month away!!!  Can you believe it?  I am pretty sure it makes my mommy happy and sad (is that possible?) 
~ I weigh 16# 12oz
~ I am using up all of my size 2's and then mommy says we can just wear 3 diapers. 
~ My clothes size has remained the same for several months...no changes.

~ I am eating like a champ...they can't feed me fast enough.  3 meals, 2 snacks, and 2 drinks from mom.
~ I am not standing on my own yet, just content holding on to things.

~ I got my first birthday present already, and it is my FAVORITE toy right now. 
~ I got another tooth..we are at 5 now.

~ I love playing peek-a-boo.
~ Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day. 

~ "Bath," "more," and "ball" are words that I have tried really hard to pronounce.  I say a lot of other things too, but no one can figure out what I am talking about!

~ I have been a little monkey lately, trying to climb anything that I can. (and eating my bananas!)

~ I really have been wanting only my mommy lately.
~ I love cats and horses...they make me laugh.

~ We went to my first red-neck convention (the combine demolition derby!!)

~ These two pics are the result of my first day in the garage with daddy...notice my dirty feet and knees!

~ I love being chased around things. I love being on the go!

~ Yes I know, I am the cutest little guy you have ever seen!!!


Buttercup said...

He is definitely the cutest little guy. Thanks for sharing!

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