Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~10 months~

Yep, you read that right...I am 10 months old.

~ I am an absolute heart-throb (mommy says so!)
~ I get super excited when daddy gets home from work.

~ I am pulling myself up to everything. 

~ I learned how to open cabinet doors...watch out mommy.
~ I have to be moving all the time....I keep my mommy busy!

~ I went camping and swimming a few times this month.
~ I got my first bad cough/congestion.
~ I have two top teeth coming through...one middle and one on the side! 
~ I started waving, clapping, and shaking my head "no,no."

~ I know daddy and mommy miss my brother...and I do too!

~I got to help mommy and daddy present Braxton's award at the county fair!

~Mommy had to have our picture...I was being cuddly.

~ I love to eat dog food, play in dog kennels, and chew on dog bones... I just want to be a dog!
(Daddy and mommy are totally against this idea...in fact they don't like my habits AT ALL)

~ I love John Deere Tractors, just like daddy!
~ I am approximately 15# 7oz, 25 3//4 in.
~ Still wear size 2 diapers and 3's at night.
~ Eating schedule is still the same!  I love fresh watermelon and melon.

Ok, I think I hit on just about everything...stay tuned for more monthly updates!!!


Anonymous said...

His Smile just melts your heart!! He is so sweet and adorable. He looks like your work has just begun with the little man on the run.


Erica Crum said...

He's growing up too fast!!! You know I think he's so, so, so handsome and sweet!!! :) Love you sweet little Cayden!

Tami said...

He's getting so big! I think he's just so adorable! I'm sure you kiss his cheeks all day long! I love how you document each month, I think I might have to steal your idea. Like I've said on my blog, it's not so much for everyone else, but for me to document what happens with the girls. I'm not great about writing in a baby book!

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