Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cayden Matthew is here!!!!

Cayden arrived at 6:23 on Tuesday evening. He weighed 6lbs 3 oz and is 19 in long. He is more than we ever dreamed of!!! God has answered so many prayers and shown us that miracles still happen! I am still in the hospital and have limited access to a computer, so I will update and post pics just as soon as we get settled at home. We can leave tomorrow mid-morning.

~One small prayer request~
I really want to be a mommy that breastfeeds, but unfortunately, my milk supply is just gone. I had some tuesday evening and yesterday morning, but since have had none. Please pray that in time, Cayden will be nourished via breast.

I promise to update soon...



Lisa said...

Destiny - I saw pictures of your sweet boy on your Facebook page and must say that he is one very precious little boy. He is so tiny and perfect...just what God ordered for you and most importantly "healthy". CONGRATS to you girl. I am so very happy for you and Jesse.

I will definitely keep you all in my prayers. I myself wasn't able to breastfeed right when Cameron was born because my milk supply had not come in, but in time it finally arrived. Unfortunately, I was not able to ever get him to latch on, but I was able to feed him my milk and that was so important to me. Keeping you in my prayers that your milk comes in soon.


A. said...

Praise God! I've been checking your blog every day for the joyous news! I hope to join you in Gods renewing grace! Can't wait to see pictures of your new sweet boy.

Breastfeeding is in my prayers. La Leche League website has alot to offer, as well as the the book, "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding". Sometimes meds can interfere in milk supply, so it could just take a couple days for your body to get back on track. Keep him at the breast and it will tell your body that the demand is there. Blessings to you and your family!

The Dorns said...


Dont panic yet my milk did not come in till day 6. My baby was starving and they would not let me go home without supplementing formula on day 5. I did give him some formula just to go home then I went home and I pumped every 2 hrs and fed him all that I had, and plenty of time on the breast.

I did take 3 fenugreek pills 3x a day, goats rue and More Milk Plus. My milk came in strong and I had to cut back. I onlt take fenugreek once a day and the GR and MMP every other week.

Just hang with it and have everyone else help you with all other needs. You just stay in bed and nurse around the clock have people cook and bring you food. It will all work out only like 1% of the population can actually not produce milk so the odds are with you.

*jAcLyN* said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I know this is what you have dreamed and prayed for.

Amanda Hoyt said...

Congratulations and you all continue to be in my prayers.
Cayden is absolutely precious (saw him on Facebook) :)

Candi said...

CONGRATS YOU GUYS! Praise God...He is good!!

absees123s said...

I am sitting here crying, so overjoyed at your news. I don't know you personally but have followed your blog for a very long time! Praise God!!!! Congratulations!

Kahla said...

Congratulations! Sending lots of prayers that all works out w/the breastfeeding!

Greg said...


We are so, so happy for you that this day is finally here. We haven't met, but I feel a bond with you because of what we've been through... Thank you for your notes of encouragement to us in the past. I know you are relishing this time with your precious boy!



Erica Robertson said...

I know we haven't talked in over 15 years, but make sure you find the RIGHT person to help you with breastfeeding. I didn't do a lot of research, I just knew I wanted to do it, my fault. My milk never came in and no one would listen to me when I told them it hadn't. The nurses at my hospital were absolutely no help, nor were their lactation specialists, who I spent a fortune seeing for 3 weeks after Elizabeth was born. After 4 weeks of constant pumping,which never produced more than 10 ounces a day I finally gave up. The midwife I plan to use in the future informed me that there are meds available to help, I see someone else already mentioned them. Use them, don't be afraid to. If a midwife feels they are safe for the baby, the most likely are. Good luck with the little one and hopefully we can catch up when things settle back down.


2Erica2 said...

Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!!! To think that after so much pain can come so much happiness!! I wish you and your family all of the best!

Buttercup said...

So happy for your news. Looking forward to pictures of your sweet baby.

Krista said...

I had my baby too so I missed this exciting news! Congrats to you, he is adorable. Hope all is going well. So happy you are home with your son in your arms- it truly is the best feeling in the world!

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